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sinoe 1999


Ma Zhuo, Vice President of Liaoning Fangda Group and Chairman of Fangda Carbon

Dear friend

Hello! Sincerely thank you for your long-term attention and strong support to our company!

Fangda Carbon always promotes the corporate culture of "Party building as the soul", adheres to the corporate policy of "listening to the Party and following the Party", and always maintains the correct political direction and strong development momentum.   Adhering to the development philosophy of "Fangda Development for Employees, Fangda Development Relying on Employees, and Fangda Development Achievements Shared by Employees", adhering to integrity and innovation, forging ahead, and achieving high-quality development with first-class scientific research level, first-class product quality, first-class service guarantee, and first-class management efficiency. After enduring the baptism of difficult years, today's Fangda Carbon has become a leading high-quality carbon product production and supply base in the world, a qualified supplier of nuclear carbon materials in China, a world-class carbon strong enterprise with global competitiveness, and the first listed company in China's carbon industry to successfully issue stocks on the China and Swiss Stock Exchanges. Customers from all over the world are experiencing the joy brought by Fangda's first-class carbon products and sharing Fangda's enthusiastic service.

Same world, same dream. The development goal of "serving the country through industry and building a strong global carbon enterprise" is the unremitting pursuit of every individual. Making employees feel proud within the company and receiving respect from all sectors of society outside the company is Fang Damang. The reason why Fangda Carbon can lead the development trend of the global carbon industry cannot be separated from the care and cooperation of friends and partners from all walks of life over the years, and cannot be separated from the unity and hard work of Fangda adults. Faced with the complex international and domestic situation and the arduous task of overcoming difficulties, we will always stand at the forefront, be brave in innovation, be proficient in management, and repay our customers with higher quality products and services!

Facing the future, we will practice the development intention of "bearing in mind the party's kindness and repaying the society", follow the national policy guidance, carry the national "the Belt and Road" initiative express, seize the "double carbon" development opportunity, adhere to the business philosophy of "integrity first, people first", improve the ability and level of resources to create value, and continue to maintain and play the leading role in equipment, technology, talent The competitive advantages of leading management and corporate culture, continuously promoting the high-quality development of graphite electrodes and carbon bricks, vigorously developing new carbon materials such as isostatic pressing graphite and graphene, demonstrating great achievements in the transformation and upgrading of the steel industry, reflecting new missions in energy conservation and consumption reduction in non-ferrous industries such as electrolytic aluminum, and making new contributions to the accelerated development of new energy industries such as nuclear power, composing a new chapter in China's national carbon industry, Strive to become a practitioner and pacesetter of Chinese path to modernization.

New era, new journey, and new mission. We are willing to work hand in hand with friends who have long cared for and supported the development of Fangda Carbon, with the heroic confidence of revitalizing China's national carbon industry, opening up the sails of reform, opening up, and independent innovation to forge ahead with hard work and determination, and opening up the future with struggle, striving to build a world of carbon

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