Fangda Low Temperature Infrared Radiation Electric Heating Film System

    Product Introduction

    Fangda electric heating film is a film that can generate heat after being powered on. The printing ink is based on carbon, added with rare earth elements, and formulated through special processes. After being powered on, it can emit a certain wavelength of far-infrared radiation. In the process of heat transfer, there is no medium or energy loss; Moreover, far-infrared radiation has a certain degree of penetrability to dense objects. After being absorbed by the dense object itself, it converts and stores energy heat, and sends it into space in the form of radiation. The use of Fangda electric heating film can save 1/4 to 1/3 of the initial investment and later operation costs compared to traditional water heating and natural gas. It eliminates the need for boiler room investment, internal and external network costs, and has the characteristics of comfort, safety, energy conservation, and emission reduction. It can not only enjoy comfortable heating, but also create a blue sky.

    Fangda Carbon has produced intelligent heating system products with various specifications and powers of electric heating film, which comply with the JG/T286-2010 standard for low-temperature radiation electric heating film and can fully meet the winter temperature difference and heating needs of various users in various regions.

Advantages of Fangda Electric Heating Film

Indoor temperature can be freely controlled and economically reasonable

The Fangda electric heating film intelligent heating system can set the heating temperature for each room and time period, avoiding unnecessary heating and saving expenses. This system can be combined with decoration engineering for design and installation, achieving a dual effect of both heating and aesthetic comfort, clearly reflecting the economic rationality of cost.

Comfortable heating, enjoying high-quality life

Heat from bottom to top, in line with the physiological needs of the human body to keep feet warm and head cool; Release far-infrared radiation, with therapeutic and health functions; Environmentally friendly heating, fresh air. The low-temperature radiation heating method gives people a warm and comfortable feeling like being in sunlight, with fresh air, without the dry and stuffy feeling generated by traditional systems, truly enjoying a high-quality life.

Safe use and long lifespan

Fangda electric heating film has the characteristics of good insulation performance, waterproof and pressure resistant, impact resistance, super durability, long service life, and no noise. The product has stable performance and a service life of up to 50 years. No maintenance or repair, avoiding high maintenance costs in the later stage.

Low temperature operation, safe and reliable

The surface temperature during system operation does not exceed 60 ° C, so accidents such as burns, explosions, and fires will not occur. The entire system is connected in parallel, ensuring stable operation and high reliability.

Performance of Fangda Electric Heating Film Products

High voltage resistance: The electric heating film can withstand test voltages above 1500V without damage.

 Anti aging: the materials used to manufacture the electric heating film are all special materials with good characteristics, anti-aging, non deterioration, stable performance and long service life.

Moisture resistance: The electric heating film is placed in a container with a temperature of 50 ℃± 5 ℃ and a relative humidity of 80% -90% for 500 hours. After removal, the test resistance remains unchanged and the insulation layer is not damaged.

High toughness: According to testing, the tensile strength of the electric heating film is 20 kilograms.

Shrinkage: In the 30000 hour aging test, the shrinkage rate is less than 2%.

Stable performance: After testing, the electric heating film worked continuously for 5000 hours at 85 ℃ without changing its performance and size.

Adequate heat sealing: Advanced heat sealing technology enables sufficient polymerization between membranes without bubbles or delamination, ensuring a tight connection between the heating element and the current carrying strip.

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