Successful trial production of graphite anode for magnesium electrolysis in the company

    On August 18, 2010, the last truck loaded with graphite anodes successfully departed for Jinchuan Company, the "Nickel Capital". This marked the first time our company had tried to produce graphite anodes for sponge titanium smelting and magnesium electrolysis, breaking foreign monopolies and entering the market. This brought good news to China's magnesium electrolysis industry and opened up new market areas for the company.

    In January of this year, the Sponge Titanium Smelting Project Team of Jinchuan Company consulted our company on matters related to graphite anodes for magnesium electrolysis. Under the contact of Guomao Company, the Technology Research and Development Department actively engaged in technical exchanges with the Sponge Titanium Smelting Project Team of Jinchuan Company. This product is a large-sized and fine structured graphite anode plate, which requires high physical and chemical indicators and product structure, and is difficult to process. Therefore, this type of graphite anode has been imported and expensive in the domestic magnesium electrolysis industry. Our company has no precedent in producing such products. In order to achieve the localization of graphite anodes for magnesium electrolysis and break the market monopoly of foreign countries, the company resolutely accepted the supply contract.

    In the context of short time and heavy tasks, Deputy Chief Engineer Hao Xianglong and Minister of Technical Research and Development Li Changping attach great importance to it. They carefully organize scientific research and carbon brick technical management personnel to collect relevant information, and send dedicated personnel to Jinchuan Company to conduct on-site inspections of the working principle and usage requirements of graphite anodes, carefully planning and formulating a production technology plan for graphite anodes. The process personnel of the technical research and development department are fully committed to monitoring the process control points of each process and multiple links throughout the process. In the end, all physical and chemical indicators of this batch of products met the contract requirements and were successfully shipped. The physical quality was unanimously recognized by the customer.

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